Loud & Clear, Vol. 1: It’s a Ground Breaker!

Now I know we have come a long way when it comes to audio innovations, but this one may take the cake, folks. Picture this: you are getting ready for that outdoor gig. It’s an all-nighter beside the pool with the freshest peeps invited. Your gear is ready and you’ve hired the pros to run your audio. Crutchfield arrives and takes care of business. They have run the audio through the yard - trees and bushed included. Everything is plugged in and you are now cleared for sound check. But wait – during your test run, was that an earthquake? Oh, my goodness, I think I felt the ground shake! Literally. That’s right, folks. It’s the latest in outdoor subwoofer gear designed to shake the earth. This is the real deal from Polk Audio’s finest. The Polk Audio Atrium Sub10 is packed with a down-firing 10″ Composite Long-Throw Dynamic Balance Driver for deep accurate bass. It is one of Polk Audio’s best yet – and it is something to be proud of. Check out specs here:


Grab yours today and start ‘ground breaking’ at your next patio soiree.

Until next time, loud & clear.


DJ Genesis

DJ Genesis joins the ranks of OnCue Records!

As an established Florida-based breakbeat DJ and producer with  more than a hundred floor-filling remixes under his belt, DJ Genesis is once again turning heads with the release of his first original, the infectious “Sea of Thought,” and his genre-twisting breaks remixes of Vibal’s “Der Stuka” and “Arc.”

Check out out his amazing music on Soundcloud and Beatport.

DJ Genesis at Beatport -Vibal – Arc (DJ GENESIS breaks remix) OUT NOW! - http://www.beatport.com/label/oncue-records/33659

DJ Genesis at Beatport -Vibal – Der Stuka (DJ GENESIS Remix) Out Now! - http://www.beatport.com/release/der-stuka/1138094

DJ Genesis at Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/djgenesis-1


Hot Summer Release Schedule

So the time is finally here. OnCue Records is ready to begin releasing our slamming summer tracks and it all starts July 10th with Old School Ballerz and their debut “Bounce”

Here are some more upcoming releases to watch for.

July 10th – Old School Ballerz “Bounce”

July 15th – Goote and Togg “Circuits EP”

July 22nd – Matt Rousseau “Back But Forward EP”

July 29th – Bradley Drop “The Beat Goes Like This EP”

August 5th – Rayer “Rayer EP”

August 12th – Vibal “Untitled”